Nano Lett. 清华大学
    发布时间: 2023-10-09 15:32    



The development of advanced electrical equipment necessitates polymer dielectrics with a higher electric strength. Unfortunately, this bottleneck problem has yet to be solved because current material modification methods do not allow direct control of deep traps. Here, we propose a method for directly passivating deep traps. Measurements of nanoscale microregion charge characteristics and trap parameters reveal a significant reduction in the number of deep traps. The resulting polymer dielectric has an impressively high electrical strength, less surface charge accumulation, and a significantly increased flashover voltage and breakdown strength. In addition, the energy storage density is increased without sacrificing the charge–discharge efficiency. This reveals a new approach to increasing the energy storage density by reducing the trap energy levels at the electrode–dielectric interface. We further calculated and analyzed the microscopic physical mechanism of deep trap passivation based on density functional theory and characterized the contributions of orbital composition and orbital hybridization.